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Kiva at UCLA is the first and only student microfinance institution at UCLA. Here at Kiva, we empower social mobility through financial services, one project at a time. We have two programs: a strategy consulting division and an investment fund. These programs work together to carry out quarterly projects where we partner with a small business in the Greater Los Angeles area, help them get a zero-interest microloan up to $15,000 on, and provide strategy consulting services to help them succeed with the loan funds. Through this, we help borrowers change their lives financially while providing members with hands-on business experience. Our organization is a chapter of, a non-profit microfinance organization that provides microloans to people in need worldwide, especially in developing nations. These loans create opportunities for individuals to change their lives by jump-starting businesses, funding higher education, paying medical bills, and more. Once borrowers are successful, they repay their loans to the Kiva organization, where their funds are reused to create new opportunities, continuing the microloan cycle.

Signatories: Dylan Do, Justin Dang, and Aaron Tang

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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