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Lives Without Knives is a youth-led social enterprise aiming to simplify, advocate, and empower plant-forward and sustainable choices through our 3-part approach. We begin with education on the importance of plant-based lifestyles through our extensive media platform, including our social media platform, blog, live sessions, and webinars. We then display how accessible plant-forward lifestyles are through our collaborations with local sustainable/vegan businesses and building a vegan community within UCLA. Lastly, we hope to walk you through the journey to plant-forward diets with our Vegan Local Business Platform, UCLA Vegan Festivals, and 'Lives Without Knives Challenge' hampers. Through our initiatives in Lives Without Knives, we hope to establish a platform at UCLA for change, change towards a greener, sustainable, and plant-forward future.

Signatories: Chandni Sacheti, Harper Dunn, and Sofia Gulmini

Advisor: Maria Anna Salazar Capinpin

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