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Club designed for but not limited to Cognitive Science majors and individuals interested in Cognitive Science. We will talk about relevant news stories regarding artificial intelligence, current cognitive science experiments, machine learning, debated psychological perspectives, ethical uses of certain technologies, etc. We will also reach out to former UCLA students that majored in Cognitive Science and bring them in as guest lecturers. The goal of this being to shed light on potential career paths that can be taken with the major, as well as form valuable connections for the students within the club. Representing the Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Club, there will be a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Recruitment Chair. The President will be responsible for organizing all of the meetings whether that be regular scheduled meetings or special meetings such as speaker events. The Vice President will be in charge of the task forces of the organization as well as helping organize the committee roles. The Treasurer will maintain records of all financial transactions (budgeting, funding, payment records, etc.). Lastly, the Recruitment Chair will be in charge of planning the social programs as well as advertising for club recruitment. This will include social media posts, outreach, being available for answering questions, etc. Elections will occur every Fall quarter and positions will last for the entirety of the academic year. Any club member can nominate themselves or another member, and voting will be conducted based off a simple majority voting system. During this process each potential new position holder will give a speech tailored to the specific position that they want to obtain. The constitution can be amended by two thirds voting process between the entire club membership only at in person meetings. A potential new amendment to the constitution will be proposed at one of the meetings and the actual voting process for the amendment will take place at the following meeting.

Signatories: Jackson Edward, Matthew McFerran, and Isaac Mandel

Advisor: Kristopher Kaupalolo

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