SWC Planned Parenthood Chapter at UCLA

The Student Wellness Commission (SWC) Planned Parenthood Chapter @ UCLA is a student committee that aims to provide a platform for students to be better activists for reproductive health as well as educate the undergraduate student population on accessing reproductive healthcare. Through our comprehensive education programs and continued support from Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, we aim to address students’ reproductive health resource demands, connect students to local Planned Parenthood health centers, as well as mobilize the student body on issues affecting sexual health and reproductive rights. The SWC Planned Parenthood Chapter @ UCLA strives to not only keep the student body informed of current reproductive health issues, but also to empower them to make well-informed decisions for their own bodies.


Signatories: Yajing Feng, Olivia Sieve, and Elizabeth Haan

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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