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Increasingly, young adults are recognizing the broad based potential of a plant-centric food system to (i) address the climate crisis directly and urgently, (ii) prevent and heal diet-related chronic diseases, and (iii) ease nutrition insecurity. Plant Futures Initiative aims to meet students at an opportune moment in their lives, helping them to become enlightened eaters and advocates for positive food systems transformation, and bridging education, advocacy, and right livelihood. Plant Futures has two purposes. 1. To educate others and increase awareness about the diverse facets and drivers of the plant-centric food systems including social justice, health benefits and environmental sustainability. 2. Partner with other organizations both on and off campus to facilitate learning and work towards implementing some changes towards a plant based food solution. The goal of Plant Futures is to build a community of students who are ethical leaders, systems thinkers and effective advocates for a plant-centric future. These students will have access to the Plant Futures network where they will ideally receive opportunities to meet with and work with companies and organizations beyond campus who are currently working on different plant based solutions. This organization is part of the larger organization of Plant Futures.

Signatories: Sarahjeet Dosanjh, Anna Moulds, and Jeremy Martinez

Advisor: Maria Anna Salazar Capinpin

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