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Legal Connection is a club intended for UCLA students interested in attending law school. The club seeks to connect pre-law students to resources, especially resources that may be not easily accessible, that will help them on their journey to becoming lawyers. Legal Connection is open to all undergraduate UCLA students, and is especially focused on students that may not have direct connections to the information and resources they need to prepare for law school, such as first generation students or other minority groups. Events will intend to create a space for students to make connections with each other while learning about pre-law related topics such as the LSAT, law school admissions, internships, professional development e.t.c. Legal Connection’s Club values include: connection, inclusivity, professional development, accessibility, well-being, and the promotion of equality.

Signatories: Jordan Stuart, Samantha Lopez, and William Kegelmeyer

Advisor: Kristopher Kaupalolo

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