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Guided by the belief that there is always a better version of oneself, Dialogue Society aims to enrich the lives of communities. Our purpose is to educate ourselves and the community through meaningful dialogues on healthy, purposeful, and mindful living to discover what inspires us towards personal development. We move forward by the motto of “Dialogue. Discover. Develop.” Established in 1997, Dialogue Society is a student organization at UCLA promoting physical, mental, and social wellness as well as lifelong learning through meaningful discourse. In Fall 2019, the Dialogue Society Senior Outreach Program was launched. This program provides an opportunity for eager student volunteers to build leadership skills and gain valuable experiences through visiting senior homes of LA and positively impacting the 65+ community. The ultimate goal of the program is to bridge the intergenerational gap while ensuring mutual gain and exchange of knowledge. Guided by the belief that there is always a better version of oneself, Dialogue Society seeks small yet transformative changes that can enrich our daily experiences. In a welcoming space that is free from promoting political affiliations or religious beliefs, we dialogue, create, and participate in various fun, intriguing, and healthy activities on and off campus. Due to COVID-19, our activities continue in a virtual format. Our club focuses on our UCLA students creating and presenting various virtual interactive workshops, discussions, activities, and events for the senior community remotely through Zoom.


Signatories: Saba Doustmohammadi, Siwon Woo, and Zenaz Sarkari

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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