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The WWFC is a mission-driven club whose goal is to create a more just and sustainable food system. We envision a world where farmers & growers are compensated fairly for their labor; where soil and land are treated as the invaluable resources that they are; and where all people have access to culturally appropriate, locally grown, highly nutritious food for an affordable price. We’re challenging the unequal distribution of food access in our market, driven by the United States’ subsidization of commodity crops that prioritizes quantity and revenue over public health. Our CSA program provides a radical alternative to this system by supplying locally grown food to our student body that is affordable & accessible. Additionally, our programs aim to reconnect consumers with the land and people who grew the food they eat, as we believe that our most intimate connection to our planet is the food it grows for us. We are also committed to partnering with other campus clubs to provide fresh produce to food-insecure students. Lastly, we write and publish articles that spread awareness about sustainable and ethical farming.

Signatories: Anna Vongjesda, Nicole Floum, and Grace Donohue

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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