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The UCLA Labor Studies, the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment and the UCLA Labor Center all have overlapping networks, opportunities and involvements that Labor Studies students currently do not have direct access to or capabilities in shaping. Thus the aim of the UCLA Labor Studies Student Union (LSSU) would be to provide Labor Studies students with a wide range of research, job, social, workshop and departmental engagement opportunities to ensure that our students are prepared for job placement upon graduation. Since UCLA Labor Studies is being used as a model nationwide, and since we are situated in California (a place with high union density), it is imperative that we have a sophisticated student organization that ensures an abundance of resources for students to attain quality employment. From an organizational standpoint, it is also important to give students the experience of simulating a union-like environment, where aspiring organizers are meeting the demands of constituents and advancing the interests of Labor Studies students. In short, UCLA Labor Studies is poised to arouse student engagement both from a curricula standpoint and from a post-graduation standpoint.

Signatories: Sherrod Session, Carolina Sarabia Garcia, and Abigail Figueroa

Advisor: Maria Anna Salazar Capinpin

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