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Bruin Mates is a new career networking organization for UCLA undergraduates. We have organized with the following founding board members; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Events, and Director of Marketing. We will hold four quarterly membership meetings, as well as bi-monthly networking functions including speakers from top tier LA-based companies. We do not plan to charge a membership fee to join, but we will charge a small event fee to cover the cost of each event (venue, refreshments, etc, - speakers will volunteer their time). We will promote our club on social media (Instagram, Reddit, Discord, and LinkedIn). And we will have a booth at the club day, where officers will recruit members and hand out flyers and stickers with our Bruin Mates logo. While UCLA is a large and vibrant campus, there are not enough clubs that serve students who want to participate in career enhancing activities on campus. This is evidenced by the very low acceptance rate into existing networking clubs. We will be a welcoming and inclusive business networking community without any requirements of major or GPA to discourage participation. Our founders include four-year and transfer students, students who live both on and off-campus, students with business, liberal arts and fine arts majors. We have substantial work experience and depth in the LA community that will enable us to attract corporate speakers and support. Our goal is to build a community of career-minded Bruins where we connect ambitious students with professionals in various industries so they can learn and build meaningful relationships. We hope to empower our club by providing events that connect our members to one another. We will do this by hosting various events such as club meetings, team bonding activities, and having guest speakers talk about their experience in their respective fields. The founding members are very excited to put our plans into action this fall. We appreciate your consideration and support. Thank you!

Signatories: Layla Shayan, Shanya Rostami, and Sofia Kellou

Advisor: Markell Clyde Johnson

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