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We are a non-denominational christian club focused on helping students grow in their spiritual life and learning what it looks like to follow Jesus through the bible. Each quarter many students come and study the bible with us and gain an experience like no other. They find spiritual revival, enlightenment and find the purpose of their existence. We believe that the bible calls us to be excellent in all areas of life and that includes our education. We encourage students to be disciplined in their studies and keep an excellent work ethic as they study the bible and attend their classes. These bible studies have changed the lives of so many individuals. We've had people come addicted to drugs, plagued with anxiety and stress, hurt emotionally, with no hope and the list goes on and on. We help them see that God has a plan for their life and show them what a life with God could look like. So many have seen true happiness and hope for the very first time and their lives are forever changed. Outside of personal bible studies we offer club meetings throughout the week as well as a Sunday service with the home church we are apart of. This gives students a valuable sense of belonging within a community full of sold out believers focused on taking care of each other and display the love of Christ. We do not discriminate anyone but welcome all who want to study the bible and get to know Jesus. We invite all types of people from all different types backgrounds and upbringings to check out what were all about!

Signatories: Nicholas Berroteran, Oluwafemi Oladejo, and Federico Rodriguez Garcia

Advisor: Markell Clyde Johnson

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