The Brazilian Student Association (or BRASA, for short) is a comprehensive club that embodies academic and professional spheres as well as cultural and social domains. Our main goal is to provide an environment for the Brazilian community to interact, share experiences and bond. Still, we are also always engaging with other students interested in Brazil and its culture, constantly partnering with other cultural or business associations to expand the scope of our club. Our club, BRASA at UCLA, is actually one of the many local chapters of the BRASA international organization, a group of Brazilian students that today counts with more than 7,000 registered members over 90 universities in 50 different cities around the world. Through the North America branch, the international BRASA organizes two academic and professional conferences every year--one in São Paulo, and another one in a selected university in the US. At UCLA, we currently have more than 47 active members. Our activities mainly focus on get-togethers, social events, culinary parties, networking nights, and workshops.

Signatories: Carolina Cavalcanti Carvalho, Maria Fernanda Mendes DE Mello E Silva, and Eduarda Martins Diniz

Advisor: Markell Clyde Johnson

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