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In the eminent and dynamic educational setting of the University of California, Los Angeles, we, the members of the Direct Democracy Club, look with optimism toward an expansive horizon of democratic potential deeply embedded in the sentiment that every citizen has the inviolable right to directly impact the societal structures that shape their presence in the world. The Direct Democracy Club does not represent a fortification of unchanging opinions but rather an open environment where the ideas of democracy are developed through lively discussions and group decision-making skills. Through the aforementioned, the club aims to achieve a society where each person directly, not only through representatives, has an influence on the issues concerning their present and future via collective voting. Our collaborative journey is not of indisputable certitudes but of optimistic inquiry, where technicians, students, and inquisitive minds come together in the essence of shared discovery and exploration. Here, in the Direct Democracy Club, we ensure mutual respect and support, forming a framework that merges long-established democratic traditions with boundless technological evolutions. Through discussions that reflect values of respect, understanding, and common welfare, we humbly hope to mold a tomorrow where each individual voice helps form the democratic process and, most importantly, assembles a government that listens, responds, and cares.

Signatories: Nare Karapetyan, Sofia Gevorgian, and Harnoor Kaur

Advisor: Michael T Cohn

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