Latine Graduate Student Association (LGSA)

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The Latine Graduate Student Association (LGSA) is an organization that strives to create a safe and welcoming space for Latine graduate students on campus across all departments and programs to come together and form community. LGSA encourages student involvement in community building and promotes the advancement of Latines in academia and professional spaces. LGSA will act as a medium for the members' social, cultural, academic, and professional objectives they hope to gain by joining the organization. LGSA will help Latine graduate students network with professionals. In addition, LGSA strives to uplift our Latine community, especially in the LA area, through community service projects and initiatives. Futhermore, LGSA will give Latine graduate students a space to decompress from the stress of graduate school.

Signatories: Vivian Hernandez, Mati Castillo, and Natasha Webb-Villegas

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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