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Founded in 2023, the AI Law Association at UCLA is dedicated to understanding and shaping the role of AI in legal contexts. Our members include students, academics, and professionals passionate about the intersection of technology and law Mission: The AI Law Association (AILA) is determined to position UCLA Law as a standard-bearer for AI-forward legal education and to foster broader discussions about the relevance of AI in myriad areas of law and policy. AILA is dedicated to empowering a community of law students, legal professionals, and all levels of academic researchers to become leaders in this rapidly evolving field. Through peer-reviewed research, events, and inter-disciplinary partnerships, AILA will not only encourage familiarity with AI tools to complement a traditional legal education, but also create the space for conversations about the ethical and logistical consequences of technological disruption in the legal industry.?? Core Programming: - Publication and Research - Events: Industry Panels, Speaker Series, Research Roundtables, Hackathons - Skills Workshops - Career Networking Board: Faculty Advisor: Prof. Sanford Williams Founders: Dean Rosenwald and Vanessa Smith President: Finn Freymann Vice President: Aditya Sivakumar Business and Finance Chair: Kalina Kazmierczak Alumni Outreach Chair: Sheridan Tekosky 1L Rep/Research Chair: Jose Bisbe-Ochoa Committee Heads: Digital Communications: Lily Costa Curriculum Education: Guy Schnitkes Career Development: Destinee Dickinson Advocacy and Policy: James Womack Contact:

Signatories: Mesfin Teklu, Finn Freymann, and Aditya Sivakumar

Advisor: Kristopher Kaupalolo

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