Bruin Strategic Advisory

Bruin Strategic Advisory is the gathering of like-minded students that are passionate about both finance and management consulting. Bruin Strategic Advisory has a consulting focus, but will help prepare its members in other career paths such as investment banking, private equity, software engineering, and product management. Bruin Strategic Advisory is also an incredibly unique organization as they have a focus on athletics/sports as well, as many of our faculty are student-athletes. There is something for everyone, and we will provide our members with the unique problem-solving skill set of a consultant that can be applied in any career or scenario. It is common for other clubs to push their members down a certain career path, but at Bruin Strategic Advisory, you can learn about different career options in business and decide which is the right fit for you.

Signatories: Samuel OH, Cassie Nam, and Ashlyn Pham

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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