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Emergency Medical Services Made Easy @ UCLA (EMSME @ UCLA): EMSME @ UCLA is an all-inclusive, educational club that is centered around inspiring interest in EMS careers to undergraduate and high school students. To achieve this mission, we will follow a structured convention: 1) Hold information sessions for signing up for EMT and Paramedic programs in local areas while also exploring job opportunities with current EMS Companies. 2) Provide basic EMS sessions that overview the Scope of Practice (covering common conditions such as strokes, AMIs, pregnancy/delivery, asthma, anaphylaxis, cardiogenic shock, basic first-aid, CPR, trauma situations, drug overdoses, psych situations, etc.). 3) Provide information sessions helping with college applications for pre-med and pre-health pathways (for high-school and undergraduate students). Provide information sessions for undergraduate pre-med students (MCAT Prep, Lab and Publications, Volunteering, Shadowing, CV/Resume Workshop, Med School Apps). 4) Provide information sessions with guest speakers (ER Physicians and Paramedics) from EMS companies and hospitals in Los Angeles. While providing monthly in-person sessions, we will also provide Zoom access 5) We will also implement feedback through weekly Google forms to gauge interest and improve the program accordingly.


Signatories: Pranava Jana, Ushaswini Namburu, and Amanda Dahlgren

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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