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Vietnamese Community Health aspires to address the issue of preventative health through education, free services, and screenings in the Orange County and greater Los Angeles area. We attempt to accomplish this in three ways: promoting awareness of prevalent health issues affecting low-income families with minimal access to healthcare in southern California; ensuring the growth and expansion of community health by informing and empowering the volunteers and general UCLA members through education and awareness; and collaborating with other health projects from UCLA and the Vietnamese Community of southern California to provide services and host events that would benefit the Vietnamese and other socio-economically disadvantaged communities. Volunteers work with health professionals, build leadership in health-related community service, interact with patients, become educated on predominant community health issues, and have workshops to help make them strong leaders in the health field and community. VCH members will be provided with numerous opportunities for community service, leadership development, and mentorship opportunities. Community service opportunities include quarterly VCH-sponsored health fairs, biweekly health sites, and participation at community health fairs sponsored by non-profit organizations that VCH partners with. In addition, there is a leadership development "internship" offered each winter quarter. In the program, interns learn about the challenges and rewards that VCH staff members face when making decisions and working collaboratively in a group environment. Interns get the opportunity to apply for a position on VCH staff, as well as a Committee Head; nonetheless, the skills gained from the internship are easily applicable to any other leadership and management position.

Signatories: Quynhanh Nguyen, Nathan Tong, and Thomas Tran

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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