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Our Purpose and Mission Statement: We are a 501(c) Not-for-Profit organization that focuses on the retention and matriculation of Latino males in higher education. We seek to advance Latino males into academic scholars, community leaders, and prepare them for the professional world post-college. We shall achieve this by instilling the values represented by our three pillars: Academic Excellence, Community Service and Social Interaction. Through our three pillars, we are able to push our members to achieve “El Nuevo Hombre” which focuses on breaking down the most damaging cultural stereotypes and the machista mindset, by promoting vulnerability and openness. Three Pillars: Academic Excellence: strives to achieve and maintain maximal effort and performance in an institution of higher education. We pride ourselves in assuring that all members receive the tools for them to succeed in and out of the classroom. These resources include a test-bank, book-bank, study locations, tutoring services and while also providing directions for our members to adequate school resources that will also aid them on their academic journey. Community Service: engages in acts to uplift the local community as part of an effort to matriculate Latinos into higher education. Our goal is to provide back to our communities and to help inspire the next generation of Latinos to attend schools of higher education. This can be done through our partnerships with other community organizations and through our own sponsored events. Social Interaction: promotes professionalism and Hermandad through internal and external events. We hope that through these events, members are able to gain an opportunity to become better assimilated in society post-graduation. Members will learn the importance of building relationships and leveraging relationships in networking to build powerful lasting friendships while advancing professional careers.


Signatories: Matthew Rodriguez, Martin Almaraz Valdez, and Matthew Garcia

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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