Career in Humanities Final Presentations & Networking Event

Tue 6/6 • 3PM PDT

James West Alumni Center, Collins Conference Room • Los Angeles CA

Student Career Portfolio Final Presentations to Alumni Judges and Networking Session


Bruin Professionals Silicon Beach Chapter Meeting

Thu 6/22 • 11:30AM PDT


Join us for our monthly meeting.


Bruin Professionals Golf Tournament

Fri 6/23 • 7:30AM PDT

Brookside Golf Club

Join Bruin Professionals for their 2023 Golf Tournament in Pasadena, CA. A portion of the tournament proceeds will benefit the Bruin Professionals Scholarship.


Undocumented Alumni Association of UCLA Networking Night / Community Fest

Thu 7/13 • 6:30PM - 8PM PDT

UCLA, James West Alumni Center Conference Room and Patio

Join Undocumented Alumni Association of ULCA for a night of networking!


Full Potential Functioning: Optimizing Life by Updating the Way We Think with Bill Benson '87

Thu 7/27 • 12PM PDT


The human mind needs updating: For millennia, our brains have functioned with a single focus: survival. In evolutionary terms, small and insignificant kept us alive and functional. However, in today’s world, visibility is the thing that generates...


How to Effectively Negotiate Your Salary, Total Rewards Package, or Career Advancement With Susan Chang '99

Thu 9/21 • 12PM PDT

You have worked hard to land a job offer. Now what? How do you negotiate the best salary and total rewards package you can get? Or if you are looking to advance your career, how do you position yourself and ask for the position you want? Join Career...


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