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Team HBV chapters aim to train knowledgeable educators and inspire student leaders, distribute culturally sensitive and easy-to-understand educational brochures on HBV to students and local residents, organize seminars with documentary films and speakers, promote awareness through variety of campus-wide and community-wide events, conduct campus-wide hepatitis B knowledge surveys before and after events to evaluate effectiveness of outreach, and build fruitful partnerships with other student organizations and with local groups in communities including churches, restaurants, supermarkets, health departments, clinics, refuge centers, and nonprofit organizations. In addition, Team HBV chapters aim to raise funds toward the international Jade Ribbon Campaign and Hep B Free Campaign, practice political advocacy to support greater federal aid for HBV awareness and vaccination programs, and encourage Team HBV chapters to establish at every undergraduate university across the nation. Team HBV will also expose students to the API community through screenings in collaboration with like-minded community partners.

Signatories: Catherine Kang, Pui Sze, and Sreeja Polkampally

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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