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TeamX Health is founded with the belief in challenging the status quo to solve healthcare disparity by cultivating thinkers, building leaders, and thinking innovatively. Our mission is to serve as the “X factor” in healthcare for the underserved populations at Mid-Valley Comprehensive Health Center, Olive View-UCLA Medical Center, and other clinics in the greater Los Angeles area. We have many innovative healthcare projects currently underway and many more on the frontline. Our goal is to enhance the value and improve the efficiency of care by allowing healthcare providers to operate at their highest capabilities and by enhancing the quality of care given to patients. Through TeamX Health, we strive to provide a competitive hands-on learning opportunity for volunteers like yourself who are interested in the healthcare field and to make your experience a valuable asset towards your career goals. Here at TeamX Health, we seek members who care deeply in improving the lives of others, while upholding the common values of integrity, kindness, and compassion. We have developed a unique training curriculum to cultivate thinkers and leverage each of our members’ talents to collectively raise our skills in teamwork, leadership, communication, global awareness, and cultural competency.

Signatories: Kelechi Udeze, Somya Panchal, and Amanda Chang

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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