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The Beautiful Mind Project aims to construct a well-rounded understanding of mental health in the Muslim community that transcends socio-cultural, political, and physical barriers of stigmatization by utilizing Islamic principles as a source of mental wellness. By providing diverse, accessible resources, the Beautiful Mind Project advocates for its members a lifestyle that emphasizes the delicate balance between mental, spiritual, and physical health. The Beautiful Mind Project hopes to achieve this vision by… - Creating a safe space/dialogue for mental, physical and spiritual health wellness - Providing access to mental health resources and professionals for Muslim students on campus - Advocating to change policies that hinder the prioritization of mental health, and push to create policies that encourage mental health growth. - Cultivating and grow Muslim leadership in the field of mental health and wellness - Expanding beyond UCLA campus to the broader community and other campus communities

Signatories: Fehma Zahid, Autumn Haikal, and Nazifa Khan

Advisor: Maria Anna Salazar Capinpin

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