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Muscular dystrophies are a genetically and clinically heterogeneous group of rare muscle disorders that progressively weaken and breakdown of skeletal muscles over time. There are 9 types of muscular dystrophy, with each type involving an eventual loss of strength, increased disability, and possible deformity. There's currently no cure for muscular dystrophy (MD), but a variety of treatments can help to manage the condition. As different types of MD can cause quite specific problems, the treatment one receives will be tailored to their specific needs. As a member of Muscular Dystrophy Society on Campus (MDS), we aim to raise funds, do volunteer work, and donate to research facilities specialized in MD. We further aim to spread awareness of MD through partnering with the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), and bringing to light related neuromuscular diseases in the greater UCLA community. We hope to be able to spread our mission to campuses across the nation and educate students worldwide about MD.

Signatories: Rita Keushkerian, Arno Minasyan, and David Manukyan

Advisor: Pamela R Cysner

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