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Párrafo is an art and literary magazine under the direction of the graduate students of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese of the University of California, Los Angeles. Párrafo publishes academic, literary, artistic texts and artistic productions that offer a critical perspective on the issue's theme. Párrafo targets the academic community —professors, graduate and undergraduate students, librarians, and related scholars and artists— associated with Departments of Spanish and Portuguese, Comparative Literature, Romance Languages, Latin American Studies, Chicano Studies, and related fields at universities, colleges and other academic institutions in the United States and abroad. In addition, Párrafo is intended for a readership connected to cultural institutions devoted to the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world, such as embassies, consulates, and foundations within and outside the United States. In essence, Párrafo is a magazine that allows academics and artists to explore topics in nuanced and creative ways.

Signatories: Eduardo Diaz, Claudia Molina, and Nylsa Martinez

Advisor: Orlando Luna

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